Innovation and R&D

WS Audiology is a global leader and pioneer in hearing aid innovation. We have one of the largest R&D organizations in the industry. More than 1,100 experts work in R&D centers in seven countries around the world to continually invent and develop innovative solutions. Innovation fuels our five major brands – Signia, Widex, Audio Service, Rexton and Vibe.


We are and will continue to be enthusiastic about developing innovative solutions that improve the lives of millions of people worldwide. We are the company of choice regarding rechargeability, design, conversation, and natural sound.

Collaboration with universities and scientific institutions is key to our growth and success through innovation. We have strong alliances with research institutes and industry pioneers to stay ahead of the curve and extend the reach of our creations. Our focus is holistic, encompassing physiological, neural, and behavioral research.

WSA consistently delivers world firsts and is the number one patent filer for conventional assistive hearing technology, according to the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO).
Our relentless pursuit of improving has led us to develop innovative hearing instruments that help people of all ages. We work closely with hearing care professionals, clinicians, and users to ensure that our solutions meet people's individual needs. 

Investing in our brands and continuously innovating is key to fulfilling our purpose of delivering Wonderful Sound to all.





Innovation highlights


Signia Integrated Xperience (IX) Technology

In 2023, we enhance hearing performance with our latest IX technology, a multi-stream architecture that accurately locates multiple moving speakers in a real-time conversation. 

Signia Pure Charge & Go IX

This is our audiological all-rounder. Pure can do it all, always has, and is even better with the latest IX Technology. More

Signia Silk Charge & Go IX

With this fourth-generation Silk, we have created something extraordinary: immediately usable, brilliant design, offering IX technology, rechargeable, and yet as small as ever. More

Widex Moment Sheer sRIC R D hearing aid in Titanium Grey

Widex Moment Sheer sRIC

The smallest rechargeable RIC featuring Widex PureSound, that is delivered by the ultra-fast ZeroDelay pathway. More

Widex SoundRelax TM

Expansion of our fractal sound stimulation universe, providing a new palette of sounds designed to relax the mind and aid concentration.

Widex Sound Assist

The multi-talent can be used as a tabletop microphone, a remote control for hearing aid settings, or hands-free calling. More

Rexton Rugged

BiCore B-Li Rugged is our toughest hearing aid yet and can manage all the knocks and spills that can occur in everyday life. More
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